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Current exhibition /// Lago Mio: Final presentation 2020/21, at Lago Mio, talk at MASI | LAC. With Johanna Bruckner, Till Langschied, and Diana Lelonek more...

Future residency /// Lago Mio Lugano, together with SALTS (CH) and Waza art center Lubumbashi (DR Congo), is delighted to announce the coalition-based research project «Quilombo», comprising an exhibition, a three-month residency in two Swiss cities, and a catalog. «Quilombo» is presented in collaboration with Culturescapes 2021 Amazonia. more...


Our lake view residency above the roofs of the old town comprises ten rooms on 250 m2. In addition to curatorial support and housing cost takeover, Lago Mio provides a budget at free disposal, travel support, and additional production support for the final exhibition. Every year, we accompany a guest who is unable to travel for legal, health, or other reasons. Lago Mio, the first artist residency in the old town of Lugano, Switzerland, was founded in 2018 by Carlotta Zarattini & Benedikt Wyss, inaugurated in 2018 (and 2019) with a sleep-over happening/installation by conceptual artist Johannes Willi. 2019 it opened its doors to three filmmaking artists: Chika Anadu, Zayne Armstrong, and Tobias Madison (resident in physical absence). For the 2020 late summer residency in August–October 2020, Lago Mio welcomed Johanna Bruckner, Till Langschied, and – as non-physical resident – Diana Lelonek. 2021 Lago Mio collaborates with SALTS (CH, Basel) and Waza art center Lubumbashi (DR Congo) in the coalition-based project «Quilombo».

Carlotta Zarattini (host)
Benedikt Wyss (curator)

Lago Mio
Lugano artist residency
Via Cattedrale 15
6900 Lugano


Exhibition photography: Anadu Armstrong Madison 2019 © Nicolas Gysin

Exhibition photography: Lago Mio 2019, Nicolas Gysin

19. May 2021

Exhibition opening at Lago Mio artist residency Public talk at MASI LAC (Museo d’arte della Svizzera italiana) The comprehensive annual exhibition «Lago Mio 2020: Final presentation» including a public talk at MASI Lugano was canceled …mehr

07. April 2021

PRESS RELEASE Open Call for the tri-continental project «Quilombo» Deadline: April 30 | Selection: May 7 | Residency: August–October | Exhibition: 29 October 2021 SALTS (CH), Waza art center Lubumbashi (DR Congo), and Lago Mio Lugan …mehr

03. November 2020

https://vimeo.com/479712734 Lago Mio Lugano artist residency is pleased to announce its small exhibition «Lago Mio 2020: Work in progress» featuring new video works by its 2020 visiting artists Johanna Bruckner, Till Langschied, and non- …mehr


Lago Mio
Lugano artist residency
Via Cattedrale 15
6900 Lugano


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